As part of Saffron Walden Town Council’s commitment to Health and Safety, the Council began testing memorials in Radwinter Road Cemetery in June 2023.  As the land owner, the Town Council is obliged to undertake this work to ensure that its Cemetery is a safe place for the public to visit.

Under the safety testing programme, all memorials are being tested by trained staff using industry approved testing procedures. The Cemetery Officer has sent letters to Exclusive Right of Burials owners who have unsafe memorials on their graves.  We are aware that some owners are having remedial works carried out.   Others have informed us they do not intend to do those works and their memorials will be secured by the Council.  Where there has been no response to a letter the headstones in question will be secured.

Any memorials found to be unsafe are either: laid flat or sunk into the ground; secured with a temporary stake; or cordoned off to ensure that they do not present a risk to visitors to the Cemetery.  The Town Council does not fix memorials, but can – on request – make a memorial safe by digging it into the ground.  Only British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) members are allowed to fix memorials in Radwinter Road Cemetery.

The Council endeavours to carry out this with minimal disruption. However, we would ask that any visitors to the Cemetery take note of the warning signs and exercise caution near memorials during this testing. For further information contact the Cemetery Officer on 07769 167179 or email

Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding whilst these necessary works are carried out.