Saffron Walden Town Council has two allotment sites; one at Little Walden Road and the other at Crocus Fields (or Byrds Farm Lane).

There are 89 plots, 51 at Little Walden Road and 38 at Crocus Fields.  There is a waiting list which you can apply to join, and to be eligible you must be a resident of Saffron Walden.  Whilst there is a waiting list, the Council is always on the lookout for new sites.  The Town Council works closely with Saffron Walden Allotment and Leisure Gardeners’  Association (SWALGA) to ensure that a high standard is attained and that as much assistance is given to the allotment holders. Membership of SWALGA can be arranged through the Town Council. Allotment rents are currently £54.60 pa for a full plot and £36.75 pa for a half plot (including water rates).  The rent will rise by 5% in 2021/22. It is a requirement that all plot holders must hold public liability insurance. This may be obtained through membership of SWALGA or privately.


To add your name to the waiting list contact

Other Allotments in the Town
Uttlesford District Council also have a small number of allotments for rent throughout the town. For details please contact the Housing Department on Saffron Walden 510497 email: or visit the allotments section on the District Council’s website.  The allotment plots at Windmill Hill are run by Land Partners email

The Town Council is responsible for administering statutory allotments in the town and these are located at the Little Walden Road site.  ‘Statutory’ allotment land is land of which the freehold or very long lease is vested in the allotments authority, and which was either originally purchased for allotments or subsequently appropriated for allotment use. The designation of a local authority site as ‘temporary’ or ‘statutory’ is particularly important since, under section 8 of the Allotments Act 1925, a local authority must seek permission from the Secretary of State before selling or changing the use of a ‘statutory’ site. The local authority must satisfy the Secretary of State that adequate provision has been made for allotment holders who are displaced by the sale of the site.

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