Saffron Walden Town Council (SWTC) is delighted with the feedback it has received following the self-guided walk around Saffron Walden on Saturday.  The Shakespeare sonnet walk on Saturday 20th April started at the Swan Meadow Maze where participants were given a map with route instructions and a red rose.  Along the way actors, poets and minstrels were encountered – some in costume, some not.  A Shakespeare sonnet was recited or a song performed.

The magical mystery walk begun with Sylvia, a feisty lady.   She invites Eglamore to accompany her in pursuit of love.  She plays to his vanity, to his empathy, and to his sense of duty to protect her.  In like manner, Sylvia invites you to pursue love also.  Then the turn of the first minstrel – Sylvia invites you on the journey, and the minstrel,  through his music, transports you back to a different era, when a sonnet was the medium of choice for a young and fashionable courtier!

Said Cllr Alex Reeve, “our sonnet troupe comprised; students, with one from Ukraine;  semi-professional actors and singers; plus Tudor re-enactment specialists and minstrels; some resident in Saffron Walden, some from further afield.  In all, the troupe of ten performed as pied April dressed in all his prim, hath put the spirit of youth on everything”.

The positive feedback included, “Very well organised and unusual event – Very apt setting and all sonnets very well delivered – The first actor near the duck pond started things off excellently – It was nice to see all different ages participating as well – The route was the right length – The cost was spot on – The roses were a lovely touch”

Said a SWTC spokesperson, “Many thanks to McCarthy Stone for their continued support – and UCAN volunteers for stewarding the event”

If you attended the event, feedback can be given at:, by email or in person at the Tourist Information Centre.