Radwinter Road Cemetery, Saffron Walden, CB11 3HU, is a peaceful space which offers a natural environment for all types of wildlife and as a result is an important nature conservation resource.  There are spaces set aside which are allowed to grow naturally and which provide a habitat where insects and wildlife thrives.

The Cemetery is open to the public every day and vehicles are permitted, at the discretion of the Town Council, to allow family and friends to visit.  From time to time we may need to impose temporary restrictions for vehicle access, details of which will be displayed in the Cemetery noticeboard.  A 5mph speed limit is in operation.  The Cemetery is very accessible by car and wheelchair for disabled people.

The Cemetery is divided into different areas;  Lawn cemetery, Traditional area, Garden of Remembrance, scattered ashes, and areas for children and young people. There is a separate section for War graves which are cared for by The Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Please click on the link below for the names and locations in the Cemetery where WW1 soldiers are buried; please take time to visit in person if you are passing by.

WW1 soliders names and grave sites at Radwinter Road Cemetery

WW1 soldiers’ names who fought and lost their lives and whose names are inscribed on the War Memorial, High Street

For details of War Memorials in Saffron Walden and beyond click on the following link War Memorials online


The refurbished Victorian Chapel is non-denominational and a place of great tranquility which lends itself naturally to both a formal or relaxed service.

Toilet facilities are available Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm. The nearest public toilets are in Hill Street in the town.


Do you have cremated remains in your possession which you would like to inter in the Cemetery?

Are you aware the Town Council offers the interment of one set of cremated remains in the Garden of Remembrance for the low cost of £485? The fee applies to those who were resident in the town at the time of passing.  If a person had been resident but had been living in residential care elsewhere, written proof would need to be provided.  The fee includes preparation the grave, interment of cremated remains, purchase of 25 year Exclusive Right of Burial, and closure of the grave.  A cremation certificate would need to be provided prior to interment. Please contact the Cemetery Officer for further information 07769 167 179 or email enquiries@saffronwalden.gov.uk

Enquiries and Cemetery Services

All enquiries should be addressed to Saffron Walden Town Council, Market Street, Saffron Walden, CB10 1HR  to The Town Hall for the attention of Elaine Baynes, Cemetery Officer. Telephone: 07769 167 179 or email elaine@saffronwalden.gov.uk

There are facilities for members of the public to carry out a burial search on this website by clicking on the following link ‘Burials Database‘.  If you plan to visit the Cemetery to find a grave it is advisable to contact the Cemetery Officer prior to your visit.  She can send you extracts from the burial registers which will assist you in finding a burial location.

Additionally, you may wish to visit The Saffron Walden Historical Society website.

The Registrar for Births, Deaths and Marriages may be contacted by clicking here.

If you are the owner of an Exclusive Right of Burial, ie a grave owner, and you have moved from the address where the ERB was registered, please inform the Cemetery Officer.  Health and Safety work is regularly carried out to headstones and it is particularly difficult to trace owners once they have moved from their registered address. We are currently wishing to trace owners of graves in Compartments 40-45.


Are you considering holding a wake following a funeral?  Saffron Walden Town Hall is an ideal venue

 A funeral wake is a social gathering that generally happens after the formal funeral proceedings have taken place. A wake and funeral might be attended by the same people or there may be reasons mourners could attend one, but not the other. A wake, or funeral reception is a more informal chance to pay your respects to someone who has died.

What is the point of a wake?

Funeral wakes are usually less formal than the service, offering a place for the bereaved to gather, share stories of a loved one, and celebrate their life. If you are arranging a wake, you may want to consider the Town Hall which is a central point in the town.  The Assembly Hall and kitchen can be hired for £41 + VAT per hour.  The Hall is a light and airy space and the hall hire includes the use of comfortable chairs with tables.  Alternatively, for smaller gatherings you may consider the Court Room which with chairs and tables would take a maximum of 30 people for £24 + VAT per hour. You would be required to provide your own caterer/catering.

You do not have to have held a funeral at Radwinter Road Cemetery to hire Saffron Walden Town Hall for a wake.

For further details please email claire@saffronwalden.gov.uk or telephone 01799 619845.

Do you recall the story of murder at Moat Farm, Clavering?  It happened over a century ago but is still remembered locally.

Click here for an article which had appeared in the Saffron Walden Historical Journal which told of the circumstances which sadly led to Miss Camille Holland being buried in Saffron Walden Cemetery, Compartment 16, grave spaces 74 and 75.

Article courtesy of Jacqueline Cooper.

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