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Saffron Walden Neighbourhood Plan Evidence and Background Studies

This page provides the background documents (or links to them) that we reference in the Neighbourhood Plan. All are the most up to date documents available at the time of writing the plan. Please contact us if a link doesn't work: [email protected]

Air Quality

Uttlesford District Council Air Quality Action Plan 2017-2021 (links to external site)


Essex Design Guide (links to external site)

Essex Parking Standards (links to external site)

RTPI - Dementia and Town Planning (links to external site)

CIRA - The SuDS Manual (links to external site)


Commissioning School Places in Essex 2016-2021 

Heritage and Character Assessment

You may have noticed that our website is a little outdated... A new one is in the pipline. However in the meantime, we've had to break the Heritage and Character Assessment down into smaller sections to upload it. 

Chapters 1-4

Chapters 5-8

Appendices Part 1

Appendices Part 2

Appendices Part 3

Appendices Part 4

Appendices Part 5

Appendices Part 6 

Housing Needs

Rightmove Development Insight Report


GP Statistics Crocus Medical March 2018

GP Statistics Gold Street March 2018

Evidence of no additional capacity at GP surgeries (planning consultation response)

Uttlesford Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2022 (links to external site)

Open Spaces and Sports Facilities

Fields in Trust - Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Play England (links to external site)

Natural England Green Infrastructure Guidance (links to external site)

Sport England Playing Fields Policy and Guidance (links to external site)

Uttlesford District Council - Commissioned reports on quantity and quality of open space and sports facilities, and recommendations (links to external site)


Uttlesford Retail Study Update 2018 (links to external site)

The Arts

All Party Parliamentary Inquiry Report: Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing, 2017 (links to external site)


Visit England - Report on most visited (paid) destinations East of England 2016


Department for Transport: Manual for Streets (links to external site)

Uttlesford Local Plan Highway Impact Assessment October 2013 (links to external site)