Saffron Walden Town Council

Publicity and Media Policy

Publicity & Media Policy 

The Council has already adopted a policy as contained within the staff handbook, as follows:-

Publicity and the Media

21.26  Communications with the media can be an important part of a Councillor’s or the Town Clerk’s role. In any media contact, Councillors and the Town Clerk should always have regard to the reputation of the Town Council. Generally, Councillors provide comments and views and the Town Clerk provides factual information. This factual information may well include explaining the Town Council’s policy on a particular issue. If any Councillor is unsure about the facts of any issue he/she should contact the Town Clerk or ask the media representative to do so. Councillors should avoid being seen to anticipate decisions of the Town Council or its Committees and should not criticise the Town Clerk or any member of the Town Council staff in the media

21.27  When speaking to the media, Councillors must make it clear that they are not speaking on behalf of the Town Council, and should indicate in what capacity they are speaking, e.g. in a personal capacity, on behalf of their political group, or as the Chairman of a Committee. It may be useful to advise the Town Clerk of the discussion.

21.28  If the Town Clerk is approached by the media he/she should provide factual information on matters of public record. Where the media are seeking comment on Town Council policy, the Town Clerk will refer them to the Chairman of the appropriate Committee. The Town Clerk should also, at the earliest opportunity, inform the Chairman of the appropriate Committee and the Mayor of questions received from the media.

21.29  If the Town Clerk is unavailable, his/her delegated deputy may speak to the media on his/her behalf. The Town Clerk and his/her delegated deputy are the only Town Council Officers empowered to speak to the media on behalf of the Town Council.



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