Local photographer, Iain Walker, who is a member of Saffron Walden Camera Club http://www.saffronwaldencc.co.uk/ recently took these beautiful images at the Cemetery of a Six Spot Burnet Moth, Field Grasshopper and Wasp Spider.

The Six Spot Burnet Moth is a medium-sized, day-flying moth that is commonly found in grasslands, woodland rides, and sand dunes. The caterpillars feed on common bird’s-foot trefoil, while the adults feed on the nectar of knapweed, thistles, and other grassland flowers

The Field Grasshopper is ubiquitous in any open, sunny, grassy area, including our gardens. Adults are present from June until late autumn, feeding on plants and grasses. A gregarious species, males can be seen displaying to females by rubbing their legs against their wings to create a ‘song’ – in this case, it is brief, single chirrup, repeated at short intervals. After mating, the eggs are laid in the soil ready to hatch the following summer.

The Wasp Spider is a very large, colourful spider that is a recent arrival in the UK from the continent and has slowly spread over the south of England. It builds large orb webs in grassland and heathland, and attaches its silk egg-sacs to the grasses. The web has a wide, white zig-zag strip running down the middle, known as a ‘stabilimentum’, the function of which is unclear.

Mating is a dangerous game for males; they wait at the edge of the web until the female has moulted into a mature form, then take advantage of her jaws being soft and rush in to mate. However, many males still get eaten during this time.


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