The NPCC and College of Policing are leading on the police race action plan and the request is for feedback on the first iteration to be provided to help shape the final version which is anticipated in December.

Much has been done by policing to address racism in the police and society and there has been a much greater focus on policing being diverse and inclusive. Despite this, change has not been fast nor significant enough in Black communities. We have much to do to secure the confidence of Black people, including our own staff, and improve their experience of policing.

You may have heard about the national Police Race Action Plan that has been published in the last couple of months. The NPCC and College of Policing jointly published the first iteration of the Plan on the 24th May 2022 to address race disparities affecting Black people and change, a legacy of distrust. The ‘public plan feedback survey’ launched the same day and will enable anyone with expertise or an interest in the Plan to share their views and shape the final Plan.

The Plan authors want anyone with expertise or an interest in the Plan, whether as an individual or an organisation to help shape the final Plan. The legitimacy and effectiveness of UK policing is built on relationships between the police and the public but there are long-standing challenges in our relationship with Black people. Levels of trust and confidence are generally significantly lower among some Black people and racial disparities exist that we cannot fully explain. This requires a significant and specific response to address the issues Black people face.

Please share the below link amongst your contacts and encourage those with an interest to respond to the survey.  It takes around 15 minutes to complete although you would need to review the Plan first. This can be found using the link above.

Many thanks for your support with this important piece of work.