The Essex County Council (B1383 and Spring Hill/Audley End Road, Littlebury) (Temporary 30MPH Speed Limit) Order 2022

 Notice is hereby given that the Essex County Council has made the above Order under section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Effect of the orders:  To temporarily introduce a 30MPH speed limit on B1383, Littlebury and Spring Hill/Audley End Road, Littlebury in the District of Uttlesford (B1383 is currently derestricted and Spring Hill/Audley End Road is currently 40MPH):

Road Description
B1383, Littlebury From a point approximately 140 metres south of its junction with Spring Hill/Audley End Road, north for a distance of approximately 600 metres.
Spring Hill/Audley End Road, Littlebury From its junction with B1383, east for a distance of 65 metres.

The existing 40MPH speed limit on the above length of Spring Hill/Audley End Road as detailed in ‘The Essex County Council (Uttlesford) (40MPH Speed Limit) Order 2006’ and existing 50MPH on the above length of B1383 as detailed in ‘The Essex County Council (Various roads, various parishes, Uttlesford) (Restricted Road, 40MPH & 50MPH Speed Limit) Order 2018’ are hereby temporarily suspended for the duration of the event.

The temporary restrictions are scheduled to commence on 11 August 2022 to 14 August 2021 between midday to midnight, or where appropriate signs are showing and weather permitting, and are required for the safety of the public while a concert takes place at Audley End. Once the event has been completed the roads will revert back to the existing speed limits.

The Order will come into effect on 11 August 2021 and may continue in force for 6 months unless extended by the Secretary of State or until the event has been completed, whichever is the earlier.

Dated: 04/08/2021

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