Planning consent has been granted for 170 dwellings, West Thaxted Road – neighbouring the land commonly referred to as the Green Mile, adjacent to the Skate Park. The application site (illustrated in red on the below map) was within the ownership of Kier Ventures and SWTC believes it has since been sold to Chase New Homes. This summer fencing has been installed around the site in preparation of works to begin.

These fields are commonly used as a walking route by residents however it is not registered as a formal right of way with Essex Highways. Whilst fencing is installed, pedestrians do not have access to the walking route.

SWTC’s Planning and Transport Committee has since resolved to initiate the process in registering the route as a public right of way. It is important to note determination will be carried out by Essex County Council Legal Services and should the application be successful it will not stop the housing development.

Registration of the route (if successful) means it will be a formally registered route with Essex County Council on the Public Right of Way map.

To complete the application SWTC requires formal evidence of use from residents, citing the route used, frequency and whether there were any obstructions in the past 20 years. (To note only one route can be registered per application.)

The proposed route is illustrated in blue on the below map with the existing registered PROWs in red dashed.

Residents with a view on the project are asked to please complete the formal consultation survey document issued by Essex County Council.

The survey for completion can be found below: 

Word version 

PDF version 

Paper copies are available from the Tourist Information Centre.

A separate guidance form if required can be found here.

Completed surveys should be returned to SWTC by 9am Monday 13th November 2023 or post to the Town Hall, Saffron Walden, CB10 1HR (a post box is located at the back of the Town Hall, facing Starbucks).