Wow!  What a town!  Demonstrating the skills, competencies, volunteering and commitment of local residents, four people had the privilege of attending the Buckingham Palace Garden Party on Wednesday 8th May 2024.  It is itself a rare occurrence that so many people from one market town should have the recognition to be invited to the Palace.  All 4 travelled down together in style (thanks to Audley End Taxi service for a comfortable, airconditioned and pleasant journey), to see the King and Queen.

Volunteers from Enterprise East, Jill Massey (affectionately known as 007) and Saffron Hall, Mary Williams and Deirdre Hickey, were at the Party in recognition of their volunteering roles for their respective organisations, evidencing true passion and commitment to the local community.  Lisa Courtney from SWTC (accompanied by her husband Kevin), was present in recognition of her work and contribution to the public sector.

It was a glorious day, the shone sun throughout and tea, sandwiches and cake were consumed!  Everyone had a great day, and all feel incredibly privileged and honoured in representing their organisations and Saffron Walden.

Photograph shows Jill Massey (Enterprise East), Mary Williams (Saffron Hall)

Kevin Courtney (with Lisa), Lisa Courtney (SWTC) & Deirdre Hickey (Saffron Hall)