Saffron Walden Town Council would like to thank everyone who took the time to responded to phase two of the town centre road closure consultation, that closed back in January.

We received over 1400 responses and over 70% of responses were made by people who live or work in Saffron Walden.

The analysis of the results was presented to our Assets and Services Committee Monday evening and the presentation can be found here via our website.

The aim of the seven-week consultation was to ascertain if there was a favoured option regarding the road closures, the options being were:

  1. All roads closed (Pedestrianisation)
  2. Partially open/closed – This would retain the pedestrian area of Market Square but re-open King Street / part of Market Street for cars
  3. All roads open to traffic, all year

Noting that options one and two presented variables of closures being in place: All of the time, 08-16.00 only, April-October only and three days a week only.

Some headline statistics are:

  • 40% asked for all roads to be closed
  • 35% asked for a partial road closure, this partial closure would allow cars to drive through King Street and out along Market Street with the Square and Market Hill available for pedestrians.
  • 25% asked for all roads to be open (i.e., the current traffic regulation order, allowing cars to park and drive through the Market Square).
  • When asked how often the full or partial road closures should be in place, ‘all of the time’ was the favoured option.

Committee noted that a suitable compromise should be met for those who want the Square closed but also from an accessibility perspective for deliveries and those less mobile.

It was unanimously agreed to recommend to Full Council in March a request for a partial road closure. A supplementary report will be provided to consider whether this request is in place all of the time or limited to certain times of the day, as Committee are mindful of the residents who live in the Town Centre.