Highway Consultation

A planning application was made by Rosconn to build 233 houses (UTT/21/2509/OP) in Radwinter Road, Sewards End next to the Linden Home site.  UDC refused the application for a number of reasons, one main reason being Highways.

The applicant appealed the decision and an appeal hearing is taking place in September.  Sewards End Parish Council and Saffron Walden Town Council are acting as a Rule 6 party at the appeal, with a planning solicitor, air quality, landscape and heritage experts and two residents group representatives; these parties collectively agree that the application should be refused and are presenting significant information to the Planning Inspector.

The applicant has addressed some of the traffic concerns raised by ECC (the highway authority) and has submitted revised Highway plans, these contain a series of traffic mitigation measures including:

  1. traffic lights at the junction of Church Street/High Street
  2. works to the existing Thaxted Road/Peaslands Road Junction and
  3. other capacity works for the Radwinter Road/Thaxted Road/East Street/Chaters Hill junction.

These traffic mitigation measures seek to address the earlier concerns raised by ECC regarding traffic movement (ECC’s initial refusal reasons can be found here.

The proposals (which would form an integral part of the planning permission should it be granted), would include the installation of traffic lights in the High Street of Saffron Walden at the junction of Church Street; the aim being to purposefully control traffic movement around the town’s bottle necks.  Both Sewards End Parish Council and Saffron Walden Town Council are opposed to these plans believing the proposals would simply exacerbate congestion in the town centre. Additionally, traffic lights would have an impact on the historic character of the High Street sitting in a conservation area.

The plan can be viewed: https://framptons-planning.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Dwg-No.-2206-01-TS-01-Rev-B-Preliminary-Traffic-Signal-Design.pdf  or are available on request from Saffron Walden Town Council offices (please call 01799 516501).

In addition to the proposals (a) – (c) above, the applicant proposes the following:

  1. i) a bus turning facility and bus stop within the site
    ii) a 3m wide pedestrian and cycle link to the western site boundary in the position as shown in
    principle on https://framptons-planning.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Dwg-No.-20-1142-SK16-Proposed-Western-Ped-Cycle-Link.pdf 
    The pedestrian and cycle use shall be made available for public use

This is an opportunity to make your comments regarding consultation to the Planning Inspector via the planning solicitor.  These traffic proposals are important because if granted, they address the traffic concerns arising from the proposed development in Radwinter Road and thus, by definition, may allow the planning application to be granted.

Your responses to the traffic proposals should be sent to:
Ms R Mushing
Planning Solicitor, Wright Hassall Olympus Avenue
Leamington Spa
CV34 6BF


It is important to voice your views now and before 5pm on Monday 15th August, if you can please share a copy of your response to Saffron Walden Town Council at enquiries@saffronwalden.gov.uk