Over the last few months, The Community Safety Partnership have been working on a new concept. As a result, the Essex Horse Rider Volunteers Scheme (EHRV) is now ready to launch as a trial initially in Uttlesford, with a view to opening it up further within Essex in 2023.

The idea is simple, horse riders regularly use bridleways, footpaths and narrow country lanes that are not easily accessible by vehicles. They are in a unique position to spot signs of suspicious activity related to illegal activity such as hare coursing, stolen agricultural vehicles, unlawful metal detecting or theft of lead from protected heritage buildings .

Rural crime affects farms, livestock and wildlife and targets individuals and businesses connected to rural communities, This has significant impact. Horse Rider Volunteers can be the eyes and ears in the rural areas and will be encouraged to report any suspicious activity or behaviour they see.

Further details about the scheme can be found on the attached leaflet. Please do spread the word – media comms will be coming out shortly.

Essex Horse Rider Volunteer Scheme Leaflet

Any horse riders in the Uttlesford District who are interested in learning more details can submit an expression of interest via the Essex Police Website or QR code on attached form.

Essex Horse Rider Volunteer Scheme | Essex Police

Alternatively, if you know of other people or groups who may be interested, please do forward on the attached leaflet. All interested parties will be invited to a Introduction event to learn more about the scheme and the suspicious activity they may come across. Introductions sessions will be held locally within Uttlesford throughout December, January and February.

If you have any questions at all please do let me know.

Uttlesford Community Policing Team