Saffron Walden Town Council’s car boot sale on The Common was a big success. Despite the intense heat, cars were lined up from the top to the bottom and on both sides of the path on the Common. There were many satisfied sellers and customers. Said Rebecca Oliver, a seller, “Brilliant day. Thank you, Claire, Terry and the team”. There have already been requests for another!

(Photograph shows the turf maze on The Common, near to Chaters Hill. It is one of the eight surviving turf labyrinths in England and is of great antiquity and importance. The maze is circular with 17 circuits and has four bastions at equal distances around the circumference, giving it a total diameter of 132 feet. The pathway follows grooves cut in the turf and approaches a mile in length. The overall dimensions of the maze are 150 x 110 feet, and it is enclosed by a bank and ditch )