Affinity Water has seen demand for water increase significantly during the recent hot weather and rising temperatures are likely to see that demand continue to push higher.

Whilst there in no current impact on water resources from the hot dry weather, the high demand for water can mean that Affinity Water are not able to treat water fast enough to cope with the extra load, especially during peak times.

Their operational teams are working hard to ensure their assets are at full capacity and they continue to raise awareness of higher demand through their social media channels and more widely across national media channels.

Please follow us on social media and share their messages to help spread the word  

Their website explains more about Hot weather and high demand along with tips on staying cool in the sunshine:

  • Drink plenty of water – fill up a jug and keep it in the fridge so it’s nice and cold
  • Need to cool off? Shorten down your shower time, or fill up a spray bottle and spray yourself when needed.
  • Taking a dip? Cover your paddling pool with an old fitted sheet when not in use to keep the water clean.

Please consider your water use carefully to help reduce demand.

The Alerts! section of Affinity Water’s website is the best place to find up to date information on any incidents that may occur – such as low pressure due to high demand.

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(which uses recycled water)