Remember you can always ask the CAB to carry out a detailed budgeting appointment with you and we can help with accessing any of these money savings tips.

Tips on how you can increase your income and reduce your spending

Increasing your income

Ways you can increase your income The website address
Check you’re claiming all the benefits  you’re entitled to
  Check whether you’re able to claim disability or ill health benefits

Check if any child might qualify for disability benefit called Disability Living Allowance

Benefits if you are sick or disabled

Disability Living Allowance for Children

  Check whether you’re able to apply for  a grant from a charity or benevolent  fund
  Check whether you can get a tax  refund from recent employment



  Find out how to go about claiming  child maintenance

Remember claiming child maintenance does not affect your benefits.

You do not have to have any contact with the paying parent when using the CMS service if you have concerns regarding domestic violence.

Child maintenance arrangements – what’s right for you?

Quickly find out how much you might receive:

  Check to see if you can get any help with school costs such as uniform, lunches and transport

Always ask the school too – they are there to help!


  If struggling to buy children’s clothes then consider using the local clothing bank

Ask us to make a referral – we are more than happy to help.

Can you sell unwanted items you own?

  Can you find a job or increase your  hours? Estimate your tax to find out  how your income could change and  check how this change will affect any  benefits you receive

If you’re over the age of 55 you could  access your pension pot. You should  get independent information and  advice before taking any money from  your pension pot. Free independent  guidance is available from Pension  Wise (part of Money Helper) What you can do with your pension pot

(free official guidance)

Could you rent out a spare room to a  lodger? Consider how this could  affect you first.

For Universal Credit claimants, money you receive from a lodger is not classed as income. The money could really help anyone who has a ‘bedroom tax’.


  Are you eligible for help with savings if  you’re on a low income?



Is everyone in the house paying their way?

Unless they are in education, all adults in the house including young people aged 18, should be contributing to the bills. This should come from their wages or benefits – there should be no exceptions even for those just starting in work. They should make a claim for Universal Credit until they find work and contribute a large proportion of it towards bills.

We are happy to provide guidance of an appropriate contribution – please just let us know.

Use a budgeting tool to show them how much the household bills are and why their contribution is essential.

Cutting down on your bills and spending 

Ways you can reduce your spending The website address
Housing and council tax
Can you reduce your rent costs? This  includes help from your local

authority’s Discretionary Housing  Payment scheme.
Are you claiming all the appropriate discounts on your  council tax bill that could reduce the bill e.g. single person discount?

Have you made a claim for Local Council Tax Support – a means-tested reduction applied to your bill (after any discount) due to being on low income/benefits?


You can ask UDC to  spread the cost of your council tax over 12 months instead of 10
Gas Electricity and water
Are you paying the best rate?

Could you claim any grants or


Can you use less energy or make your  home more energy efficient?


Are you entitled to receive extra  support from your energy supplier?

Contact us to speak to our Warm Homes Team if you have issues or need help making applications.


Check to see if you can save money by changing to a water meter.

Also check for other ways of reducing  your water costs including applying for low rate tariffs.


Shop around for the best insurance  deals for all of your insurance;  including your house (building and  contents), life, car, travel and health


Review your policies to see if you still need them or check whether they provide more cover than you need
Landline, TV, internet and mobiles
Consider whether you could switch to a cheaper package or deal for your TV, phone, broadband and mobile?

We have FREE sim cards with 20GB of DATA every month for 6 months and unlimited UK calls and texts – please call us and request one.
Check whether you can get help with  travel costs for NHS treatment


If you travel by train, can you get a  railcard or a refund for a canceled or  late train?

Can you split your train ticket to save  money?



There may be ways you can reduce  the cost of travel if you’re disabled



Look for other ways to reduce your  travel costs, like searching locally for  cheap fuel, use bus passes or travel cards, travel off peak, car share, or  travel by bicycle or walk


See whether you can get help with  health costs; like prescription costs,  dental treatments and sight tests


Check if you can get free vouchers  every week to spend on milk, formula,  fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables


            Shopping and cheaper ways of living

There’s is a lot of information out there about  shopping smarter, cutting costs and using life hacks to save money


If you need any help, please call us 01799 618840, email us on, use our easy video links from Touchpoint in Stansted (by the library), Great Dunmow Library or Takeley Old School Building (Thu/Fri), or request a call back via