Heavy November rainfall helps to increase groundwater levels, but more winter rainfall needed to get levels back to normal

Rainfall across all the regions was significantly above average throughout November and this has helped to improve groundwater levels.

Groundwater levels have recovered above Drought Zone 2 into Drought Zone 1 in the central region and are forecast to increase further.

The East region has seen substantial groundwater recovery following the heavy rainfall and is currently in Drought Zone 1.

The Southeast region received double the monthly average rainfall and this has resulted in groundwater levels recovering to above average.

Whilst the November rainfall was very welcome, we will still need to receive above average rainfall for the rest of the winter for groundwater levels to recover sufficiently to make up for the nine months of below average rainfall received over the last year.

If we receive below average rainfall for the rest of the winter and groundwater levels fail to recover sufficiently, Affinity Water may need to introduce a Temporary Use Ban (otherwise known as a hosepipe ban) in 2023.

A Temporary Usage Ban is one measure within Affinity Water’s drought plan that is implemented after our groundwater sources reach a certain level (typically Drought Zone 3) that help us conserve supplies.

Are you ready for Winter?

Affinity Water want to make sure that communities have water they can rely on. They’re still doing all the work they need to, to keep your water running. This includes teams who you may see out in your community, repairing any leaks or bursts on their pipes, which are more likely during winter, when freezing temperatures cause underground pipes to contract and thaw.

Freezing weather can play havoc with the pipes inside and outside your home, causing bursts, leaks and cutting off your water supply. Affinity Water know that the damage this causes can be expensive to fix, but with a few simple, low-cost changes, we can help you to get your home winter ready.

Please watch and share this handy tip guide to get your home ready for winter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRHPuvBuV50&t=20s

Helping customers this winter

Affinity Water understand times are tough, and heating a home at this time of year can be expensive. If you’re struggling financially, and need help with paying your water bill – we have a number of financial help schemes available.

To find out more, please visit www.affinitywater.co.uk/billing/struggling-to-pay

* Affinity Water’s Central region includes Hertfordshire, West and North Essex and parts of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and North London. Our East region includes the Tendring Peninsula in Essex and our Southeast region includes the Folkestone and Dover areas of Kent

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