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Heating Oil

As it comes to the time when you are thinking about topping up your heating oil tank for winter, with the value of fuel it is worth considering its security. In the more isolated parts of the countryside it is primarily domestic properties that have been targeted by the heating oil thieves, but we have also seen such thefts at farms and other businesses.  There are several security devices available that will protect your fuel supplies - details of which can be found via your fuel supplier or local plumber’s merchant.
One such system is Tank Commander which has “Secured by Design” accreditation . Products like this will detect a dramatic drop in fuel and notify you by phone and/or audible alarm. There are also other similar security products that can add onto an existing intruder alarm system, whilst others may protect the filler cap and there are of course the conventional locks. Another consideration would be concealing it with landscaping and spiky planting around the tank, restricting access to it with gates or fencing, and where possible locating the tank under lighting in view of lived in rooms within the house.

The Illusion of occupancy

As the nights draw in don’t forget to use table lamps on timers - there are TV simulators such as “Fake TV” that produces lighting that resembles a television switched on within a room. Consider installing external “Dusk till dawn” lighting and remember to ensure gates are in good condition, closed and locked. Other products available to make it appear that you are home are a movement sensor that activates an appliance plugged into a plug socket and doorbells that you can answer remotely after viewing the caller; an internet search will find these and other security products. If you would like further advice regarding security please look at the Essex Police website and . Naturally we also ask locals to report any unusual activity to police in an emergency on 999 or after the event on 101 or “Do it online” or to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Posted on 06/12/2020