Unsafe headstones in Radwinter Road Cemetery, Saffron Walden

Inspections were recently carried out at Radwinter Road Cemetery, Saffron Walden, and it was found that some of the headstones have come away from their ground fixings.  For the owners of the Exclusive Right of Burial of such headstones, either repair or replacement works will need to be carried out by a qualified Stonemason in order to make them safe.  ERB owners in Compartments 66 and 65 are being contacted but the work is ongoing and we are asking that remedial works/ replacement be carried out as soon as possible.  If ERB owners are unable to have work carried out within the term, we  may have to lay the monument down on the grave/partiallybury the headstone to make it safe.  Headstones would not be removed from the Cemetery. 

 Item 31 of the Cemetery Rules and Regulations states:-

‘ All gravestones, monuments, tombs, tablets, memorials, palisades, and curbs are to be kept in repair by the owners, and if not repaired after due notice, the Council may order the same to be removed.  If no owner can be found to whom such notice can be given, then at the expiration of three months after advertisement in a local or County newspaper, the right to such gravestone, monument, tomb, tablet, memorial, palisades, or curb shall belong to the Council to be dealt with as they deem fit.’

This is an emotive subject but it is the Council's duty to ensure that members of the public are aware of the situation.  For further information contact [email protected]


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Posted on 21/07/2019