Town Council meetings to revert to face-to-face meetings from 7 May 2021

Most meetings to be held in the Town Hall

As of 7th May 2021, all Town Council meetings must revert back to face-to-face meetings, this in accordance with legislation.  The current Covid-19 legislation which allows meetings to be held remotely, expires at midnight on 6th May, requiring all meetings after this date to revert back to the traditional definition of a meeting (ie all people in the room at the same time).  A High Court challenge was raised by various national representative bodies but was not successful – for further details see:

The Town Council is disappointed by this ruling as it found the use of remote meetings very effective, providing a safe and secure covid environment and importantly allowed greater participation and engagement with the public.  In anticipation however of the legislation not being extended, plans are in place for meetings to be held face-to-face from 7th May.  Most meetings will be held in the Town Hall and the schedule of future meetings will be published once confirmed.



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Posted on 08/04/2021