The main road through Newport will be resurfaced 19-24 July

No access to through traffic 7.30pm-5am

Please note that the main road through Newport from Rob Turner Cycles through to Sparrows End roundabout will be resurfaced during the period 19-24th July.

 There will be NO access to through traffic whilst works are ongoing 7.30PM-5AM. The road signs say works to be completed 21st-23rd.

Village residents will be permitted to pass the roadworks but may have to wait until the on-site team confirm that it is safe for them to do so. The road is to be scraped back, ironworks raised as necessary and a new layer of tarmac laid (machine-resurfacing). A week later the street markings will be repainted. The works are scheduled to be completed overnight between 7.30pm and 5am with speed restrictions in place during the day due to loose chippings.


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Posted on 28/06/2021