The big butterfly count

Please spare 15 minutes counting the butterflies you see

 Butterflies play a crucial role in the ecosystem and are both pollinators and components of the food chain.

The Big Butterfly Count is a UK-wide citizen science survey, designed to assist the Butterfly Conservation charity in its assessment of the health of our environment.

It is of vital importance to butterfly specialists, who want to learn more about the population and habits of different butterflies.

Due to climate change, farming practices and habitat loss, many butterfly species are under threat, with the numbers having declined significantly since the 1970s.

How can I get involved in the Big Butterfly count 2020?

To take part, you need to find a sunny spot and spend 15 minutes counting the butterflies you see.

Next, submit your findings online to or via the free Big Butterfly Count app.


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Posted on 12/07/2020