Tackling Climate Change

Motion agreed by Saffron Walden Town Council on 8 April

At its Full Council meeting on Monday 8th April, Saffron Walden Town Council discussed in considerable detail the difference that it can make locally to address national climate change and importantly, what actions it could take to make a difference.

The following motion was agreed by Council:

  1. To declare a climate emergency
  1. To continue to work with the local community, business, schools and the district and county councils with the intention to make Saffron Walden and Essex Carbon Neutral by 2050 following recommendations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
  1. To commit continued working with other local authority organisations and appropriate government departments to determine and implement best practise methods to limit Global Warming to less than one and half degrees Celsius.
  1. Determines to place this issue on Council Committee agendas to agree strategies and action plans.

 In considering local initiatives and actions, the Council further agreed that it should: 

  • aim to create a truly green town, with new open spaces, more trees, reduced use of plastics and improved connectivity for walking and cycling; 
  • aim to ensure that new homes are built to high environmental standards to reduce carbon emissions and to make them affordable to run; 
  • take positive measures to reduce the illegal levels of pollution by improving monitoring, cycling and public transport, increasing vehicle charging points and pushing for road changes, noting the Public Health England advice that there are no safe levels of air pollution; 
  • support allotments and local food production; 
  • continue to move towards the use of electric rather than petrol or diesel powered vehicles and tools; 
  • endeavour to hold other authorities to account for their part in this. 

This motion seeks to support and enhance the Town Council’s commitment to environmentally friendly policies and builds upon its undertaking to look after the environment; the Council’s more recent agreed initiatives include:

  • The Mayor’s Plastic Policy
  • Installation of water refill points around town
  • The purchase of electric vans
  • Composting as a primary method of disposing of green waste; with new compost bays recently installed at Bridge End Gardens
  • Reduced mowing of some areas
  • Review of utility services to environmentally friendly suppliers
  • Installation of additional bird or bat boxes.



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Posted on 25/01/2019