Thank you from Cllr Arthur Coote, Mayor-2019/20

I attended my final meeting as Mayor last week and as the Town Council is self-isolating it was via Zoom.  The work of the Council continues but in a different way.  I am very sorry that I wasn't in the actual presence of my fellow Councillors, as I would have liked to thank them personally for their support throughout the year. I also offer my thanks to the Mayoress, my wife Elaine who has been a constant presence and also to the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Dr Richard Freeman who reliably carried out his duties.  I must mention the staff at the Town Council who have helped and supported me this year; their work goes on and you may contact them via email social media; www.saffronwaldentowncouncil Twitter or or telephone 01799 516501.

My year as Mayor was curtailed somewhat and events that I was looking to holding and attending had to be cancelled, unfortunately. This meant I had to finish fund raising early for Team Max and was not able to raise as much money as I would have liked. My thanks go to all who donated to my charity.  I am looking forward to holding the draw for my raffle on a Saturday morning in the town once restrictions have been lifted further.  It will also be my pleasure to hand over a cheque to Jodie Rowlandson in support of her charity.  She has raised a great deal of money herself for Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust. I would take this opportunity to thank the NHS and their staff who have been a perfect example to us all of true grit and determination who have put others before themselves.  We will continue to salute them at 8pm on Thursday evenings.

Though this period of history is unusual, it has made me very proud of the way townsfolk have done their best to help one another.  This unfortunate event has brought out the best in people and it has been my pleasure to be Mayor of such a wonderful and caring town.  My thanks to all those who have put themselves forward to help in whatever way they can to make others’ lives better – congratulations to all. 

It remains for me to thank those people who invited Elaine and I to their events throughout the year and for making us so welcome.  We have met some very interesting people and had some truly outstanding experiences.  We have enjoyed every minute of what has been an exceptional time in our lives.  Thank you all so much.

Cllr Arthur Coote


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Posted on 20/04/2020