Road closures in Saffron Walden from 15 June 2020

Road closures to support movement in the town centre

Road Closures

Roads which are normally closed to vehicles on market days will also be closed Monday-Saturdays as from Monday, 15th June.  Saffron Walden Town Council staff will manage those road closures, installing bollards as necessary and also being available to remove same in the event of emergency access.  In addition to the market road closures, Cross Street (by Dorringtons) will also be closed.

 The purpose of the road closures is to protect pedestrians and cyclists during Covid-19.

 Keeping the town safe for pedestrians, shoppers, retailers and driving is at the heart of new proposals for the roads and pavements in Saffron Walden Town Centre during the Covid-19 pandemic.

 In order to ensure that shoppers have sufficient space to walk around, that queues outside shops can be managed and that the shopping experience in SW remains safe and welcoming, a number of temporary road closures have been agreed with Essex Highways.

As of Monday, 15th June, the road closures which are ordinarily in place on market days (Tuesday and Saturdays), will also be in place throughout the rest of the week, excluding Sundays.  The road closures will emulate those on market days and will be in force from 07:00 to 18:00 Monday – Saturday.  These road closures will support shoppers as they move around town, wait in queues and allow compliance with safe, social distancing.

20mph speed limits will also be introduced in the arterial routes around the town centre, to include the High Street and George Street / Hill Street. 

The road closures will of course be subject to review and nothing is absolute or set in stone.  We have to take a pragmatic approach to ensuring safety of our residents but also recognising the need for vehicular movement both in and around  the town centre.  These proposals are due for implementation on Monday, 15th June and will be subject to daily review to ensure that we meet the needs of our community.

It is acknowledged that some retailers may have deliveries scheduled for next week and are unable to change these.  SWTC staff will need to support and assist retailers and residents with this during the first week, as they become accustomed to the “new norm” of road closures.

 Re-opening of Shops

In addition to the road closures, SWTC has been working closely with the BID in plans and preparations for the return of retailers on Monday.  The BID have primarily led on this and have prepared excellent hand outs and packs for all retailers, providing them with details of risk assessments, posters, signage etc and best practice for ensuring  a safe opening.  The Tourist Information Centre will be open on Monday, 15th June from 10am – 4pm Monday-Saturday.

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Posted on 24/06/2020