Love Saffron Walden

Commitment to reduce the use of glyphosate

Saffron Walden’s campaign to “Love Saffron Walden” continues and it has made a firm commitment to reduce the use of glyphosate agreeing to: 

  1. Design or modify new features which minimise weed growth;
  2. Prevent weed growth by maintenance by carrying out routine sweeping, mulching, weeding by hoe or by hand where appropriate;
  3. Leave some areas to grow long, encouraging wildlife;
  4. Utilise alternative organic weed control methods;
  5. As a last resort and where all other methods have been followed, to use glyphosate in a very sparing manner
  6. That Officers would seek alternative methods of weed control, in a move to cease the outright use of glyphosate.

You will therefore start to see grass intentionally left to grow longer; this has already started along the Slade on The Common which is forming into a scenic, natural environment for our habitat.

 As part of the environmental campaign, we also ask all residents to help play their part by using bins and facilities provided.  Please pick up your litter and help us to help you in retaining Saffron Walden as a clean, tidy, environmentally friendly town.

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Posted on 07/07/2019