Headstones in Radwinter Road Cemetery requiring repair

Owners sought regarding maintenance of headstones

Regarding the following list of graves, the Town Council wishes to trace the owners as repairs are required.  The graves are currently staked to make them safe but long-term they will be burried in the ground unless owners come forward to facilitate repairs.  The Cemetery Officer has written to Exclusive Right of Burial owners regarding the situation but letters have been returned by the Post Office.  Therefore, if you are a relative or a friend please make contact with the Cemetery Officer on 01799 619841 - thank you. 

Compartment 62

Eric Parry A9

 Elena Vitalyevna Hunter A15

 Jeremy Robertson Kiddle A16


Albert Arthur and Diane Vera Howard C3

  Herbert Percy James Bateman E15

  Michael James Mountstephen F3




Compartment 63

Nellie and Harold Coote C3

George Victor and Ethel May Denning C14

Michael John Wilcock D7

Alan Roy Copping and Henry Cook D17

Bernard Francis Godward E15

Walter John Pedder G6

Winifred Gretton H4

Glyn Andrew Thomas H5

Joy Lilian Wigley + Michael Bernard Wigley J2

Michael Adamek J20




  Compartment 64


William Edward Carter and Florence Lilian Carter B11



Marjorie and Stanley Neeves C10

 Alfred and Evelyn Goodwin F2

 Florence Kate and Alexander Arthur Hart F5

 Dorothy and Harold Gypps H9


 Ivy Annie Rose Brown J7

  Compartment 65


Lucas William Sheppard J13

 Jane Barron J14

 Dorothy Alice Hayward J16





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Posted on 23/01/2020