Headstones in Compartments 62-66, Radwinter Road Cemetery, Saffron Walden

Owners sought regarding maintenance of headstones

The Town Council has had cause to stake broken headstones in Radwinter Road Cemetery to make them safe.  Exclusive Right of Burial owners have been written to requesting repairs be carried out but many on the letters have been returned to the Council where owners may have moved away or passed away themselves.  An advertisement has appeared in a local newspaper and appeals placed on this website.  Stonemasons are carrying our repairs to some of the headstones but there are still graves where ERB owners have not come forward.  In order to make headstones safe the Town Council has been, and will continue to bury headstones in the ground up to their inscriptions. It is envisaged this work will be finished by February 2021.

Therefore, if you are a relative or a friend who has recently visited the Cemetery and noticed a headstone has been staked and taped and wish for repairs to be carried out, please make contact within the next fortnight, with the Cemetery Officer on 07769 167 179 - thank you. 

18 January 2021




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Posted on 02/01/2021