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Preventing equipment thefts from allotments

Just lately the Police has seen what used to be the spring seasonal crime of thefts from garden and allotment sheds occurring throughout the year with tools, garden tools and garden machinery being taken.

Sheds by the nature of their construction and position especially when isolated are always going to be vulnerable. Quite often the supplied locks provide just barest minimum security and are easily overcome so always consider supplementing the existing locks with further locking systems both for the doors, items within and strengthening frame/structure where such locks are attached.

  • Think about the site perimeter – good fencing and/or defensive planting (spiky hedging) and a secure gate will deter unwanted visitors, together with signage re private property, valuable tools removed, and property security coded.
  • Coach bolt and plate the padlock hasp etc to the frame and door.
  • Use a good quality “Close Shackle” padlock to secure it,
  • Don’t forget the hinges - ensure they cannot be unscrewed.
  • When storing larger items like lawn mowers etc consider a fixing set into a concrete floor where possible, use a heavy chain and again a good quality padlock to secure it to it.
  • Put a curtain or other up at the window to prevent prying eyes.
  • Where possible don’t keep tools and equipment in isolated sheds on unoccupied sites that you can’t afford to loose.
  • Consider a shed alarm, though it may be of little value if no one will hear it.
  • Property marking is also a good idea with signage on the shed to show the property is marked. This makes the property harder to sell on gives the police a better chance of prosecution by having an owner.

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Posted on 01/04/2017