Consultation on changes to visitor, residents' parking and loading bays on Museum, Castle and Church Streets

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The Essex County Council (Uttlesford District) (Prohibition of Waiting, Loading and Stopping) and (On-Street Parking Places) (Civil Enforcement Area) (Amendment No. 10) Order 202*
Statement of Reasons:

Castle Street/Museum Street
It is proposed to alter the current limited waiting bays near the junction of Castle Street and Museum Street (as shown on associated maps) to resident permit holder bays. The operational times of the permit bays are proposed to match the current permit bays in those streets. The order is proposed to increase the amount of parking bays for residents in an area where there is high pressure on the limited number of on-street parking spaces. The order will also introduce zone identifiers for the parking bays in each road (MS for Museum Street, CS for Castle Street). This is intended to make it clearer to the permit holders which bays are within their resident permit holder scheme.
There are a number of public car parks in Saffron Walden which allow parking for commuters and non-residential based visitors to Saffron Walden.

Church Street
It is proposed to alter the current operational times of the Good Vehicle Loading Only bays to Goods Vehicles Loading Only Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Outside of these times the bays will be unrestricted and so allow parking opportunities for other vehicles to park, such as overnight parking for residents and their visitors.
If any vehicles need to load and unload outside of the Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm operational time, this can be carried out from the nearby yellow lines.


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Posted on 05/01/2021