Beware of fraudsters claiming to be from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs

HMRC will never use text messages to contact you

Fraudsters claiming to be from HMRC are contacting the elderly and vulnerable claiming to be from HM Revenue & Customs. Victims are being told they have arrest warrants, outstanding debts or unpaid taxes in their name. The fraudsters are asking victims for cash or to purchase iTunes gift cards as payment As these can easily be redeemed and sold on. There are a variety of methods being used including calls, texts and voicemails.

HMRC will never use texts to tell you about a tax rebate or penalty or ever ask for payment in this way. Telephone numbers and text messages can easily be spoofed. You should never trust the number you see on your telephones display. If you receive a suspicious cold call, end it immediately. For further information visit the following website: 

Braintree & Uttlesford Crime Prevention Officer - 101 extn 407110


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Posted on 06/09/2017