An opportunity to make a difference

Can you create something that lasts one hundred years?

There are plans to open a new Scout Group in the Saffron Walden District! There are a
significant number of young people on local waiting lists who are unlikely to get a place
in Scouting without extra capacity being created.

To support this five month project, we're looking for a Project Leader. Do you know
someone who can help us? Is it you?

We're looking for a volunteer with enthusiasm for giving young people great
opportunities. This person should have a welcoming attitude and an ability to engage
with others, have a passion to help and support new adults and a commitment to
support the new group to get it established and ensure it is sustainable.
The Project Leader will work closely with Jack Higgins, one of the Growth Officers from
Scouting Headquarters. Jack brings a lot of knowledge and experience of growing
Scouting. The Project Leader provides local knowledge and acts as a point of contact,
coordinating support from other local leaders who are responsible for appointing new
adults, providing training and activity and programme ideas.
Whether you're already in Scouting or completely new to it, this is a great opportunity
to make a significant contribution to the lives of others. It'll also look great on your CV!

Mark Benfold, District Commissioner: [email protected] or 07917-872276

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Posted on 02/04/2017