Planning and Road Traffic Committee 25 July 2019

When: 25th July 2019 19:30 to 21:00

Where: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Saffron Walden

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Planning & Road Traffic Committee


To Committee Members: Cllrs A Coote, Freeman, Gadd, Hawke-Smith, McLellan, Porch, Toy, and Roberts


You are summoned to attend a MEETING of the PLANNING AND ROAD TRAFFIC COMMITTEE of SAFFRON WALDEN to be held in the COUNCIL CHAMBER of the TOWN HALL on THURSDAY, 25th JULY 2019 commencing at 7.30pm to transact the business as set out in the agenda below. 


All other Councillors are welcome to attend this meeting but will not be formal members of the committee and will not receive any voting rights.  Non-Committee members will not be able to participate in or remain present for any discussions held under Part 2, Confidential Matters.




Meetings and the Public


Members of the public and press are welcome to attend any of the Council’s Full Council or Committee meetings and listen to the debate. All agendas, reports and minutes can be viewed on the Council’s website  For background papers in relation to this meeting please contact [email protected] or phone 01799 516501


The agenda may be split into two parts. Most of the business will be dealt with in Part I which is open to the public. Part II (if applicable) includes items which may be discussed in the absence of the press or public, as they deal with information which is personal or sensitive for some other reason. The press and public will be asked to leave the meeting before Part II items are discussed.


Members of the public are permitted to ask questions at any of these meetings, with each meeting including an agenda item for questions from the public.  Members of the public are not required to register in advance of the meeting but it may be useful if you notify your intention to speak either in advance of or at the meeting.  If at the meeting, please approach the Officer present to make yourself known.


Facilities for people with disabilities

The Council Offices has facilities for wheelchair users, including lifts and toilets.


Fire/emergency evacuation procedure

If the fire alarm sounds continuously, or if you are instructed to do so, you must leave

the building by the nearest designated fire exit. You will be directed to the nearest

exit by a designated officer. It is vital you follow their instructions.


For information about this meeting please contact the Town Council: 

Telephone: 01799 516501

Email: [email protected]

General Enquiries – Saffron Walden Town Council Offices, 11 Emson Close, Saffron Walden, CB10 1HL



Recording of meetings

Most Council and Committee meetings are recorded by the Town Council with the recording being uploaded to a publicly accessible website. If you address the Council or Committee and do not wish to be recorded, please make this known to a Council Officer in advance of the meeting.


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018:

For details of the Town Council’s Privacy Notice, please visit our website:




Lisa Courtney, Town Clerk                                                                         19th July 2019



Apologies for absence


To receive apologies and consider requests for approved absence




To receive any Declarations of Interest


Members and officers are invited to make any declarations of interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda and are reminded to make any declarations at any stage during the meeting if it then becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered.




Public Speaking Time


For the public or Press to ask questions of the Council on matters relating to the agenda.





Minutes of last meeting


Committee to approve the minutes of the previous Planning and Road Traffic Committee meeting.





Temporary Traffic Regulation Order

Committee to note:

  • the intended closure of St Johns Close, due to commence on 27th September 2019 for 1 day. The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while Essex County Council undertakes Machine Surfacing 2019/20 (08:00-7:00).
  • the intended closure of Audley Road, due to commence on 4th August 2019 for 1 day. The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while BT undertakes renew and raise frame and cover in footway.
  • the intended closure of Castle Hill, due to commence on 5th August 2019 for 12 days. The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while Essex County Council undertakes installation of road islands. Only one road closure in place at the same time. Access to residents will be maintained from North side of the closure. Road closure in force 24/7.




Neighbourhood Plan Terms of Reference


Committee to review the Neighbourhood Plan terms of reference and readopt.



Update on significant planning applications in Saffron Walden


Committee to receive a verbal update on current significant planning matters in Saffron Walden. To include (where updates are available):


  • UTT/18/2820/FUL | 14 dwellings Thaxted Road


  • UTT/18/2959/DFO | 85 dwellings Land East of Little Walden Road


  • APP/C1570/W/19/3230731 | Appeal against refusal of UTT/18/2420/FUL | Construction of 10 apartments with associated parking and access driveway including the creation of a public amenity area. | Land South Of 2 To 7 Freshwell Gardens Saffron


  • APP/C1570/W/18/3218383 | Appeal against refusal of / UTT/17/3413/OP | UTT/17/3413/OP | Outline permission with all matters other than access reserved for the erection of up to 55 dwellings, up to 3,650m2 of B1, B2 and or D2 floorspace in the alternative, (with the maximum GIA of the D2 floorspace not to exceed 940m2) and the erection of up to 335m2 of A1 floor space (with the net retail sales area not to exceed 279m2 GIA) together with associated open space, landscaping, parking and supporting infrastructure. | Commercial Centre Ashdon Road Saffron Walden Essex CB10 2NH



To Consider and Comment Upon the Following Premises applications


Representations must be made in writing and be based on one of the 4 licensing objectives:


  • The prevention of crime and disorder;
  • Public safety;
  • The prevention of public nuisance;
  • The protection of children from harm.


(a) Elizabeth Rose Wines Ltd


The application is for an alcohol storage area in a private dwelling. Sales to be made via the internet only. The premises will not be open to the public.


(b) B&M Store at Knight Retail Park, Thaxted Road, Saffron Walden, CB10 2UR


The application is for the supply of alcohol OFF the premises Monday to Sunday 0700 to 2300.



To Consider and Comment Upon the Following Planning Applications:


UTT/19/1695/NMA | Non Material Amendment to UTT/16/1856/DFO - change of approved materials of plots 155-159 | Land South Of Radwinter Road Radwinter Road Saffron Walden Essex


UTT/19/1704/HHF | Two storey rear extension and loft conversion with front and rear gable windows and 3 no. rooflights. | 44 Thaxted Road Saffron Walden Essex CB11 3AA


UTT/19/1719/NMA | Non Material Amendment to UTT/19/0512/HHF - reduction in width of rear extension and reduction in length of double storey side extension | 41 Cromwell Road Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4AX


UTT/19/1727/CLP | Proposed use as a nail bar falls within the definition of A1 | 13 George Street Saffron Walden Essex CB10 1EW


UTT/19/1668/FUL | Removal of existing front canopy and construction of single storey front extension; change of use from A1/A2 (retail and professional services), A3 (restaurant) and B1 (office) to C3 (residential dwelling), with internal alterations to provide 4 no. new apartments. |48A High Street Saffron Walden CB10 1EE


UTT/19/1486/LB | Retention of no.3 non-illuminated signs, branded roller blinds and internal signage | 24 Church Street Saffron Walden Essex CB10 1JW


Urgent Information Items


Any items to verbally report for information only.



Date and time of Next Meeting


Thursday 8th August2019, 7.30pm Council Chamber, Town Hall


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