Council 14 December 2020

When: 14th December 2020 19:30 to 21:00

Where: via Zoom

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9 November minutes (Council, draft)

Planning and Road Traffic 12 November (approved)

Planning and Road Traffic 26 November (draft)

Finance and Establishment 16 November (draft)

Assets and Services 23 November (draft)

Agenda Item 8 report

Please note that the complete SWNP is too large to upload to the website (even compressed), but is sendable by email. Should any member of the public wish to receive a copy please conact [email protected] and we will gladly email you a copy.

9a budget report

9b budget 2021-22 income and expenditure

9c budget 2021-22 income

9d budget  2021-22 EMR

9e 2021-22  Ready reckoner

9f 2021-21 Ready reckoner

9g Precept form 21.22

10 Becoming a 'community venue'

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