Iris Young

Date of Burial: 24th January 2000
Place Of Death: Arthur Rank House, Cambridge

Jack Young

Date of Burial: 14th March 2001
Place Of Death: Rosie Maternity Hospital, Cambridge

Joyce Yeo

Date of Burial: 18th January 1991
Place Of Death: 27 Brooke Avenue, Saffron Walden

Dennis Young

Date of Burial: 22nd March 1996
Place Of Death: Southfield House, Spalding, Lincs.

Richard Young

Date of Burial: 17th March 1983
Place Of Death: 14 Stanley Farm Road, Saffron Walden

Jenny Young

Date of Burial: 22nd January 1987
Place Of Death: 21 Newport Road, Saffron Walden

Derek Young

Date of Burial: 22nd December 1993
Place Of Death: Radwinter Road Hospital, Saffron Walden

Jean Yates

Date of Burial: 5th August 2011
Place Of Death: Saffron Walden Community Hospital

Emily Wyers

Date of Burial: 21st January 1928
Place Of Death: Peoples Home, Saffron Walden